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Beaded Bliss Designs

What kind of classes does Beaded Bliss offer?

In addition to basic techniques such as stringing and crimping, Beaded Bliss offers a wide variety of classes featuring different stitching techniques such as Right Angle Weave, Cross Weave, Square Stitch, Spiral Rope, Russian Spiral, St. Petersburg Stitch, Bezeling of stones and Rivolis, Peyote(even and odd count), Herringbone Stitch, Ladder Stitch, Cellini (flat and tubular), Dutch Spiral, Double Helix Stitch, Netting and many more variations.  We also offer metal classes using techniques such as Precious Metal Clay, Wire Wrapping and Chain Maille such as Mobius, Byzantine, 3 in 1 Half Persian, 4 in 1 Vertebrae and more. We also offer other metal classes such as Herringbone Wrap, Spoon Jewelry, making your own Beadcaps, Silver Fusing and Viking Knit and many others.  Fiber classes offered include Kumihimo, Pearl Knotting, Shamballa and Chan Lu style.  We also offer classes in Epoxy Clay as well as one of my favorites, Polymer Clay and many others!

How much are classes?

Beginner class fees are $10 per project plus materials used.  Intermediate class fees are $15 plus materials.  Advanced class fees are $20 or more plus materials.  You are always welcome to bring in beads/supplies previously purchased.  Guest Instructors set their own fees.

Can I take an Intermediate Class if I'm more of a beginner beader?

 You certainly can take an Intermediate Class and be successful but you'll probably progress at a slower pace which is fine!  Classes are for relaxation and enjoyment, it's not a race!  We don't give prizes for getting done first!  Let us know if you think you might need a little more TLC or feel free to schedule a private class.

I've never done any beading before, how do I get started?

It's probably best to schedule a private Beginners Class which covers the basics of stringing, crimping and designing with some basic wire wrapping moves so you can also make earrings and dangles. 


Besides beads, what kind of tools/supplies do I need for beading?

Basic stringing projects require Crimping Pliers, Flush Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers, a Bead Design Board as well as flexible beading wire and crimps.  Stitching projects require needles and Fireline/Nymo both of which come in various sizes determined by the project's requirements, scissors and a bead mat surface of some kind.  Wire projects use a variety of pliers such as Round Nose, Chain Nose, Flat Nose and Flush Cutters.  Later you may want to add specialty pliers such as Bail Making and Step Pliers etc.  Always buy the best quality tools you can afford!  Good quality tools will save wear and tear on your hands, give better results and avoid the need to be replaced later.  Avoid using tools from the menfolk's workbench.  These pliers will have serrated jaws which can mar metal and have no place in jewelry making!

May I bring in my beads and just work on my own?

Please do!  We have good lighting and several large tables with plenty of space to spread out.  The main table has some tools available for your use.  Unlike some bead shops we don't mind if you bring in your previously purchased beads and supplies.  Many beaders plan to meet and hang out, bring snacks or run for food from one of Harrison's many restaurants and spend the day.  Remember the TV show Cheers?  Bliss is that kind of place only for beaders!

I'm getting married and want something different for myself and my bridesmaid's jewelry.  How can Bliss make that happen?

 In advance of the big day I would recommend starting a file of your favorite jewelry images whether on your phone or even just pages torn out of the bridal magazines.  A color swatch is also very important so that we can color coordinate your jewelry.  Feel free to stop in to browse our fabulous selection of Swarovski Crystal and semiprecious stones and pearls.   We'll be happy to schedule a consultation where we come up with your special design.  You can even assist in making the jewelry or leave the whole thing up to us.  It can be as hands on for you as you would like it to be.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately we can't sell returned items as new.  Due to the nature of our accounting system, we are unable to process refunds or returns.

I am a designer with a vendor's license; any discounts for me?

If you bring a copy of your vendor's license for our files, we can dispense with Ohio sales tax.

What if I need something not in your stock?

There's no bead shop large enough in the world to carry everything beady that's out there and there are always new products to tempt us.  That being said, we are always happy to try to help with Special Orders and have many catalogs and other wholesale resources.  Such orders are not returnable or exchangeable and a 50% deposit may be required.

Do you offer custom designs?

Yes we do; whether for Prom, Bridal, Mother of the Bride/Groom, 1st Communion etc we are happy to make your vision into a reality!  I especially like taking vintage jewelry and remaking it into something you would wear while still retaining the sentimental value of family heirlooms.  Be sure to give us plenty of time in case  certain beads/findings need to be ordered.  Call for a private appointment to discuss your needs.

What kind of facilities do you offer for special events?

Bliss has ample space/seating for birthday parties, girls night out, bridal showers, girl scouts, etc.  Please call ahead to schedule your activity whether it's a simple stretchy bracelet for a 7 year old's birthday party or a group of moms who want to learn a particular technique.  You're welcome to bring food and drinks and you can even decorate, though Bliss is a pretty colorful place already!